Patern Sewer Maintenance offers all of the below services.  If you have any questions regarding these services, feel free to call (815) 933-8365 or E-Mail

Free Estimates
We offer free on-site estimates, phone estimates, and email estimates. 

Electric Rodding
The most common type of work we perform is electric rodding.  If water is backing up in your basement, sinks, tubs, drains, or downspouts we have specialized rods for each clog. 

Some sewer lines are clogged with grease, paper, or others types of sludge.  If this is the case, we rod out the sewer line with our Hydro Jetter.  This is a high-pressured water hose with a special top that is made to remove sludge from the line and eject it to the city sewer.  The
Hydro-Jetter can also be used to rod open lines for maintenance. 

Sewer Line Inspections
Patern has a sophisticated CCTV system to evaluate the state of underground sewer pipe.  The camera can also be used in home inspections, and to locate the sewer line.

Pump Work
At Patern, we install new pumps, replace defective pumps, and repair pumps.  We work with pumps usually in cases of Flood Controls, over-head sewers, seepage pits, and lift stations. We use Hydromatic pumps, which are top of the line.

Catch Basins Cleaned and Repaired
Catch Basins are used to seperate grease from the sinks in a building from the main sewer line.  Due to this, grease can build up in the basin and cause a backup in the sink line.  The basin can also fall apart over time and cause major problems in the sewer line.  If this is the
case, we can do a repair of the basin or install a complete new one. 

Broken Pipes
No job is too small or too big for us.  We can install brand new underground sewer, replace sections of pipes, or patch above ground broken pipes.  We also specialize in installing clean outs.  A clean out is a pipe that is used as a rod out station and is accessible from above

Grease Traps
Grease traps are used to contain grease from flowing into the sewer line.  They need to be cleaned often and in some cases need to be rebuilt.  We offer both services and can eliminate the grease trap if that is the home owners wish.

Dye Testing
In order to track a sewer line or find out where a leak is coming from, we offer dye tests.

Patern Services can buy and install new toilets, install toilets bought buy the customer, or repair the inside workings of the toilet tank.  Wax Rings can also be replaced to prevent leaks from under the toilet.

This is just an overview of the most common type of work.  If you have a different kind of problem make sure to still call us, we don't turn down any job.